Hi. We're O Triple C.

We offer an exceptional education for about 90 percent less than the cost of attending one of those big, beautiful, four-year universities...the ones with all the sports you can watch on TV for free, even if you don't go there.

Oh, another thing: We switched from traditional 16-week semesters to 8-week terms (something all the cool kids on the coasts are doing) so you can do more faster. 8-week terms let you jump in almost anytime, take fewer classes at once, finish faster and get where you're going next.

TL;DR: We're a great college, with exceptional programs, some trendy ideas, affordable tuition and a lot of personality.

Our next 8-week term starts in March. Let's do this.

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‍Due to COVID-19, classes are online, but campus will remain open so you can use our WiFi, labs, library, tutors, advisors and other resources.
Just want a change of scenery? Totally get it.
Mask up, grab a coffee in our coffee shop or a bite in our cafe, find yourself a couch or a table, and dive into your work.

Around 17,000 students attend OCCC each year.
Why should you?

● An affordable, accredited college close to home
● More than 60 majors to choose from
● Skills you'll own, not debt you'll owe
● Easy transfers to four-year universities

● Small classes with personal attention
● Internships and real-world experiences
● Flexible class times to fit your schedule
● Strong business relationships help you find a job

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